New for 2019 - high tech photo selfies

Yes, it’s all new for 2019 and I’m very excited!! I am now the owner of a Selfie Wizard. What is that I hear you say? Well, do you remember the days when there were disposable cameras on the tables and the wedding couple or party organiser collected them at the end of the night and had the photos developed? Well, this is the 2019 high tech version of that. So people can upload their selfies from the telephone to a screen in the venue and at the end of the evening (or next day) I send the special couple or party organiser all the photos which were uploaded to the Selfie Wizard from their guests. That’s not all - It can also be your message book as well because guests can also write their best wishes and messages via their phones. A great new addition. Just used a couple of time to date and everyone is loving the technology and of course, those informal photographs.

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Posted by DJ Buzby

DJ Buzby
Karl has been the resident DJ at many clubs and hotels and has worked alongside top artists and DJs. He has a professional approach and a passion for entertaining. Karl's speciality is weddings and parties but also enjoys the many dinner-dances, themed nights and corporate events that he does on a regular basis.

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